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Our Drug Development Publications in the Media

L. Batchelor, L. DeFalco, T. von Erlach, D. Sharma, Z. Adhireksan, U. Rothlisberger, C.A. Davey & P.J. Dyson.  2019.  Cross-Linking Allosteric Sites on the Nucleosome.  Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.  58(44): 15660-15664.

Profiled by:  “Swiss Science Concentrates” (chemistry research highlights). 2019. Chimia. 73: 1032.

Z. Adhireksan, G. Palermo, T. Riedel, Z. Ma, R. Muhammad, U. Rothlisberger, P.J. Dyson & C.A. Davey.  2017.  Allosteric cross-talk in chromatin can mediate drug-drug synergy.  Nat. Commun.  8: #14,860.

Profiled by:  World Pharma News ; myScience

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology NewsScienceDaily

PharmaNews.euTribune de GenèveLimmattaler Zeitung ;

St. Galler TagblattBasellandschaftliche ZeitungMedindia

EPFL NewsEurekAlert! ; The Pharmaceutical Journal

Aargauer Zeitung ; 20 Minutes ; 24 heures  


Z. Adhireksan, G.E. Davey, P. Campomanes, M. Groessl, C.M. Clavel, H. Yu, A.A. Nazarov, H.F. Yeo, W.H. Ang, P. Dröge, U. Rothlisberger, P.J. Dyson & C.A. Davey.  2014.  Ligand Substitutions between Ruthenium-Cymene Compounds Can Control Protein versus DNA Targeting and Anticancer Activity.  Nat. Commun.  5: #3462.

Profiled by:  Asian Scientist MagazineThe Straits Times


B. Wu, P. Dröge & C.A. Davey.  2008.  Site Selectivity of Platinum Anticancer Therapeutics.  Nat. Chem. Biol.  4(2): 110-112.

Profiled by: the journal Nature in the Research Highlights section,  “Chemical biology: Platinum Result”, Jan. 2008, 451(7175): 111.

Earlier Works in Basic Chromatin Research (at the ETH):

T.J. Richmond & C.A. Davey.  2003.  The Structure of DNA in the Nucleosome Core.  Nature.  423(6936):  145-150.

Profiled by:  ETH Life (news journal of the ETH-Zürich), "Die Kernstruktur der DNA" ; Faculty Opinions

C.A. Davey, D.F. Sargent, K. Luger, A.W. Mäder & T.J. Richmond.  2002.  Solvent Mediated Interactions in the Structure of the Nucleosome Core Particle at 1.9 Å Resolution.  J. Mol. Biol.  319(5):  1097-1113.

Profiled by:  ETH Life (news journal of the ETH-Zürich), "Eine Sehr Schöne Struktur" ; Faculty Opinions

Rationally designed compound that allosterically crosslinks histones in the nucleosome
Platinum cancer drugs and platinum drug-DNA adducts
Nucleosome structure, solvation, and molecular recognition
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