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Introduction:  Do you need help with scientific, technical, or medical problems and challenges?  We provide a variety of top-quality, high-resolution services that include writing/editing, project strategy/management, and product/process (IP) evaluation, among other things (Services).  We have many years of experience in lab startup/operations with the technical, operational, and cross-functional facets that accompany pharmaceutical and biotechnological research and development (About us).  Moreover, we also offer specialized structural biology services (Molecular).


Methods:  We approach every problem as an optimization challenge, since inevitably the issues that arise in the biotech/pharma sector are non-linear.  We appreciate how critical and complex your interests are, and we match this with enthusiasm and integrity, such that the end-product is one of excellence.  Having been in the driver’s seat, and indeed in the hot seat, on R&D (Press), we know how precious your data and initiatives are, and we treat them with the same care as we would our own.  Our methods ensure a high-resolution end-result.


Results:  In short, we get them!  For writing services, we tailor the paper/write-up to your needs and indeed to your audience.  Perhaps you would like a specific tone or angle for your message, or maybe you are aiming for a particular journal or impact.  We can help in a variety of ways with your R&D projects— from brainstorming and planning to implementation and troubleshooting.  Do you have a new idea, compound, or method, or are you trying to recruit investors to support your product development or company?  We can evaluate the competitive landscape and help you formulate strategy and/or deliver your pitch, since we are experts at reducing complexity to concise elements while translating the science for a lay audience.


Discussion:  Let’s have one!  Even if you’re not sure we can be of help (Contact us), please arrange a free consultation with us.  We want to know exactly how to serve you and the greater the challenge, the more the satisfaction upon completion.  Also, we are happy to provide you with references upon request!


KEYWORDS: Integrity, Perseverance, Teamwork, Client-centricity, Client-tailored, Top-quality,

Biotechnology & pharmaceutical consulting, Scientific/technical/medical writing & editing, Biomedical sciences strategy & project management, Structural biology research/analysis/training, Product/method/IP landscape analysis & evaluation

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