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The Services We Offer

•    Scientific, technical, medical (audience-tailored)
•    Manuscripts (articles, reviews, etc.), abstracts, posters, etc.
•    Grant proposals, investor pitches/proposals
•    Regulatory submissions, clinical reports
•    Scientific communications and marketing (product strategy)
•    Catchphrases, logos, creative, etc.
•    Publication planning (timelines)


Biomedical Sciences Project Management
•    Laboratory startup and setup
•    Research/Project design (planning, strategy)
•    Data analysis, troubleshooting
•    IP planning (product landscape, protection strategy)
•    Mentoring, team leadership
•    Training, development


Biotech/Pharma Product & Method Evaluation

•    Background research and preparation

•    Technology landscape/operational analysis
•    Science/medicine ‘translation’ for lay audiences
•    Presentations for investors

•    Optimizing pitches (investor relations)


Structural Biology Research, Analysis & Instruction
•    Project design, supervision, execution (client/CRO lab)

•    Macromolecular visualization and analysis
•    Image/video design and rendering
•    Logo and advertisement design
•    Workshops and training (computer graphics)

•    See also Molecular section

Team at work writing and editing
Team at work in pharma or biotech lab
Consultant engaged in an investor relations meeting
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