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Who We Are

HiResolution Davey BioConsulting was originally founded in 2004 in Singapore as Davey BioConsulting. We are a small venture based in the Basel region, with a lead consultant and several supporting consultants on our team. Our associate consultants provide expertise in information technology— including programming, artificial intelligence, data science, graphical design, and artistic rendering— as well as medical/scientific writing. 

Curtis Alexander Davey (Lead Consultant)

  • 40+ publications in high-impact peer-reviewed journals (>7,000 citations; h-index=28)

  • 50+ poster and oral presentations accepted at congresses 

  • Delivered many scientific talks & seminars

  •  Designed, organized, and conducted workshops

  • Established and led a multidisciplinary/multinational drug development program

  • Sustained research funding through peer-reviewed grant proposals

  • Scientific/technical consultant for biotech/pharma customers

  • Conducted IP landscape & freedom-to-operate analyses for biotech/pharma clients, recommended strategy 

  • Proficiency in patent application writing for client inventions

  • Designed, coordinated, and taught biomedical courses

  • Trained and mentored 50+ researchers/staff  

  • 65 enzyme & protein-DNA structures deposited in the Protein Data Bank (PDB) repository


Curtis studied biochemistry and psychology at the University of Colorado in Boulder, where he conducted undergraduate research in tRNA-ribosome recognition. He subsequently carried out PhD work on heme-enzyme (mammalian peroxidase) structure-function relationships at the University of Miami School of Medicine. After post-doctoral work in computational chemistry/biophysics at the University of Miami, he joined ETH-Zürich as a research fellow to gain expertise in chromatin biology and epigenetics. In 2004, Curtis founded the Laboratory of Genomic Structural Biology at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. His research comprised advances in the domains of epigenetic regulation, cancer drug discovery and design, metals in biology/medicine and chromatin architecture and nanotechnology, including DNA, protein and nucleosome engineering.  


During his visit to Switzerland in 2022, Curtis served as visiting faculty at the EPFL, Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, and he also started consultancy work for an immunotherapeutics company. He subsequently decided to step out of his faculty position in Singapore in order to pursue new and exciting challenges in the pharma/biotech sector. Curtis has also been working for an IP firm, where he serves as a scientific/technical expert in computational biology in addition to a wide spectrum of other biomedical and biotechnological domains to support intellectual property protection. He remains active in blogging and writing reviews, research papers, and a book on the topic of chromatin in health and disease.  

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